SEA LIFE Oberhausen Tickets

Exploring SEA LIFE Oberhausen’s aquatic wonders | Germany's biggest shark nursery

Boasting an extensive range of exhibits, SEA LIFE Oberhausen is home to all sorts of aquatic creatures, including sharks, rays, seahorses, and exotic fish. You can find animals that are native to the Amazon rainforests as well as explore species belonging to vibrant coral reefs in this aquarium. The facility also actively engages in initiatives aimed at raising awareness about marine conservation. Whether you're a marine enthusiast, a family seeking a day of fun and learning, or someone simply curious about the ocean, SEA LIFE Oberhausen promises a memorable visit. 

Why visit SEA LIFE Oberhausen?

Why visit SEA LIFE Oberhausen?
  • Diverse marine life: From majestic sharks to delicate seahorses and colorful tropical fish, SEA LIFE Oberhausen boasts a stunning array of marine creatures from different corners of the world.
  • Immersive exhibits: The aquarium features immersive exhibits that recreate various aquatic environments, including coral reefs and the Amazon rainforest. 
  • Interactive experiences: From touch pools where you can interact with certain species to educational talks and feeding demonstrations, SEA LIFE Oberhausen ensures a hands-on and engaging experience for all ages.
  • Conservation initiatives: By visiting the aquarium, you can contribute to the facility's efforts in raising awareness about marine conservation and supporting projects dedicated to the protection of endangered species and their habitats.
  • Educational opportunities: SEA LIFE Oberhausen is committed to marine conservation and education. When visiting the facility, you can learn about the importance of preserving ocean ecosystems, the challenges faced by marine life, and the role individuals can play in conservation efforts.

What’s inside SEA LIFE Oberhausen?

Flowstone Cave at SEA LIFE Oberhausen

Flowstone Cave

Discover the unique geological formations and the fascinating creatures that inhabit cave ecosystems in this area of SEA LIFE Oberhausen.

Swarm Ring at SEA LIFE Oberhausen

Swarm Ring

Marvel at the synchronized patterns and graceful maneuvers of aquatic swarms and gain a deeper appreciation for the collective behaviors that help ensure the survival of various marine species.

North Sea Ground at SEA LIFE Oberhausen

North Sea Ground

From resilient sea creatures to vibrant fish, this section showcases the diverse array of species that call the North Sea home.

World of Otters at SEA LIFE Oberhausen

World of Otters

This section provides an up-close look at playful otters, offering insight into their behavior, habitat, and the conservation efforts to protect these charming creatures.

Pirate Ship at SEA LIFE Oberhausen

Pirate Ship

Discover the stories of legendary sea voyages and the marine life encountered on these seafaring journeys on this themed section of SEA LIFE Oberhausen.

Ocean Tunnel at SEA LIFE Oberhausen

Ocean Tunnel

Immerse yourself in the Ocean Tunnel, a panoramic walkthrough experience, and marvel at the graceful movements of rays, sharks, and other oceanic species swimming overhead.

Amazon at SEA LIFE Oberhausen


Venture into the lush and vibrant Amazon section, where you can encounter exotic fish, colorful frogs, and other fascinating creatures that inhabit the Amazon River basin.

Shark Nursery at SEA LIFE Oberhausen

Shark Nursery

This section highlights the vital role of nurseries in shark conservation, providing insights into the lifecycle of these creatures and the efforts made to protect their vulnerable young.

Rockpool at SEA LIFE Oberhausen


Get hands-on with marine life in the Rockpool section, where visitors can touch and interact with various creatures like starfish and sea anemones.

Plan your visit to SEA LIFE Oberhausen

SEA LIFE Oberhausen timings
  • Daily: 10 AM to 6:30 PM
  • Last entry: 5:30 PM

Duration of visit: 2 to 3 hours

Best time to visit: You can visit SEA LIFE Oberhausen any time throughout the year since it is built to be protected from rain, snow, as well as the sun. However, longer daylight hours in spring and summer, particularly between April to September help you to make the most of your aquarium experience.

SEA LIFE Oberhausen transport

Address: Zum Aquarium 1, 46047 Oberhausen, Germany

Find on maps

  • By bus: 125, 185, NE 12, and SB 91
  • Nearest stop: Oberhausen Umsicht
  • By train: RB32, S3, and S9
  • Nearest station: Oberhausen Umsicht
  • By light rail: 112
  • Nearest station: Essen Unterstr
  • By car: From A42, you can take the exit ‘Neue Mitte’ and follow the signs to reach SEA LIFE Oberhausen. 
  • Nearest parking: CentrO garages 3 and 4
SEA LIFE Oberhausen facilities
  • Accessibility: SEA LIFE Oberhausen is barrier-free and equipped with ramps and wide entrances to accommodate visitors in wheelchairs. 
  • Photography: While we encourage you to take tons of photos to document your experience, please avoid using flash, as they may hurt the aquatic animals. 
  • Guide dogs: Only guide dogs and service animals are allowed in SEA LIFE Oberhausen. 
  • Restrooms: There are accessible restrooms and baby-changing stations at the entrance, the Otter area, and in the restaurant at SEA LIFE Oberhausen. 
  • Baby carriage: In the entrance area, you can park your baby carriage. 
Tips to note when visiting SEA LIFE Oberhausen
  • Arrive early: Arriving early allows you to beat the crowds and have more time to explore the exhibits at your own pace. Additionally, popular attractions, such as the Ocean Tunnel and Shark Nursery, are less crowded earlier in the day.
  • Attend educational talks: Take advantage of the educational talks and feeding sessions scheduled throughout the day. This provides valuable insights into marine life, their behaviors, and conservation efforts.
  • Explore interactive exhibits: Participate in interactive exhibits like touch pools and interactive displays to enhance your learning experience. This is especially enjoyable for families with children.
  • Book tickets online: It is especially beneficial to book SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets online as you can skip ahead of long waiting lines and spend more time at the exhibits. 
Where to eat near SEA LIFE Oberhausen?
  • Altes Bierhaus: Offers traditional German cuisine with a focus on regional specialties and locally brewed beer.
  • Steakhouse El Rancho: Specializes in a variety of high-quality steaks and grilled meats in a cozy and rustic setting.
  • L’Osteria Oberhausen: Serves authentic Italian dishes, including pizza and pasta, in a vibrant and family-friendly atmosphere.
  • Restaurant Mezzomar: Features a diverse menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, including seafood, pasta, and flavorful grilled options.
  • Asia-Wok Restaurant: Offers a range of Asian cuisine, including stir-fries, noodle dishes, and sushi, with a focus on fresh and flavorful ingredients.
Attractions near SEA LIFE Oberhausen
  • Gasometer Oberhausen: Located near SEA LIFE Oberhausen, the Gasometer is an iconic industrial structure turned exhibition space. It often hosts unique exhibitions, offering visitors a blend of history and contemporary art.
  • CentrO: One of Europe's largest shopping and leisure centers, CentrO is situated close to SEA LIFE Oberhausen. With over 200 shops, numerous restaurants, and entertainment options, it provides a vibrant destination for shopping and leisure activities.
  • Ludwig Galerie Schloss Oberhausen: This art gallery is housed in Oberhausen Castle and features a diverse collection of contemporary art. You can explore various exhibitions, showcasing both local and international artists.
  • Metronom Theater: Adjacent to CentrO, the Metronom Theater hosts a variety of musicals, concerts, and performances. It's a great option for those seeking live entertainment after a day of exploring SEA LIFE Oberhausen.

Frequently asked questions about SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets

How much is a ticket to SEA LIFE Oberhausen?

Tickets to SEA LIFE Oberhausen start from €22.5. With this ticket, you can access all its sections, from the Otter area, Shark Nursery, Swarm Ring, Shipwreck, Amazon Rainforest area, and more.

How to book tickets to SEA LIFE Oberhausen?

We recommend you purchase SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets online for a hassle-free experience. Online ticket bookings are convenient and ensure that you get guaranteed access to the aquarium no matter the crowd on the day of your visit. 

Why should I book SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets online?

It is best to purchase SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets online to save time and money. With online ticket bookings, you can avoid long lines, and spend more time exploring the exhibits at the aquarium.

What do SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets include?

SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets allow you to look through all their exhibits, from the baby shark’s nursing station, otters area, ocean tunnel, rainforest area, Swarm Ring, North Sea Ground, sea caves, and more.

Are discounts available on SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets?

If you book SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets online, you can avail yourself of exclusive reduced prices, discounts, and combo deals.

What is the cancellation policy for SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets?

The best part about booking SEA LIFE Oberhausen tickets online is that if you cannot make it on the day of your visit, you can cancel them up to 24 hours before the experience begins, and get a full refund on your purchase.

What are SEA LIFE Oberhausen’s opening hours?

The SEA LIFE Oberhausen is open from 10 AM to 6:30 PM throughout the year. You can enter the premises with a ticket up to 5:30 PM.

How long does it take to complete a SEA LIFE Oberhausen tour?

We recommend you spend at least 2 to 3 hours at SEA LIFE Oberhausen to look through the baby shark’s nursery, understand their conservation practices, and explore other exhibits in the facility.