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  • Dating back to 1867, Aquarium de Paris is one of the oldest aquariums in the world.
  • It also has the biggest collection of jellyfish in Europe - that's 2,500 jellyfish of around fifty different species, presented in rotation in 25 pools.
  • If you're taking your kids along, watch their eyes widen in wonder at the mermaid shows and the aquatic cinema.
  • They will also enjoy the petting pond experience, where they can stroke koi fish.
  • A key highlight at the aquarium is the shark basin - home to four different species of sharks (blacktip sharks, gray sharks, nurse sharks, and zebra sharks)!


  • Entry ticket to the Aquarium de Paris
  • All workshops and shows that are available on the day of the visit

This ticket has the following options you can choose from:

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  • High Price (Sat, Sun, Christmas holidays, and All Saints' Day)
  • You can cancel these tickets up to 24 hours before the experience begins and get a full refund.
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What is the Paris Aquarium?

If you wish to explore a different side of Paris, head to the Paris Aquarium, one of the oldest Aquariums in the world. The Paris Aquarium (also called the Aquarium de Paris, or Cinéaqua) was built in 1867 partly in the open air, and partly underground. It is home to over 13,000 sea creatures and it also features an aquatic cinema, mermaid shows, and even a shark basin!

Discover marine life from both tropical regions and those closer to home. Once inside you can visit a recreation of the Seine River, and the aquarium’s famous shark basin where you can spot 50 sharks from different regions of France.

If you wish to have a magical time in Paris here is all you need to know before you visit the Paris Aquarium.

Why Visit Paris Aquarium?

paris aquarium tickets

Located in the heart of Paris, the Paris Aquarium offers a never-seen-before experience for children and adults alike, with 60 tanks and pools around, with over 7,500 sea creatures, including 50 sharks, from the seas around France.

The Paris Aquarium is known for having one of the biggest shark tanks in France, filled with over 3 million liters of water. The aquarium also houses Europe’s largest jellyfish collection, and much more! Immerse yourself in an unexplored underwater world where you get to experience interactive activities and fun shows all day long.

Your Paris Aquarium Ticket Explained

Upon booking your Paris Aquarium tickets, you will be asked to choose your preferred time from the time slots available. Please make sure that you reach the venue at least 10 to 15 minutes before the allotted time. Show the ticket on your mobile phone at the entrance of the aquarium along with a valid photo ID. Once inside, you can visit multiple zones and various attractions.

Paris Aquarium

Entry Ticket

A standard Paris Aquarium entry ticket will give access to the aquarium in its entirety. You can visit over 13,000 fish in 60 pools, including 38 large sharks, and the largest jellyfish tank in Europe. You can also explore the other entertainment options and shows on the program

There are also several interactive activities like feeding the fish, educational presentations, and more. There are a number of fun shows as well, such as the Claire la Sirene show with dancing mermaids and regular musical shows.

What is the Best Way to Purchase Paris Aquarium Tickets?

If you wish to have a hassle-free experience at the Paris Aquarium then it is best to purchase your tickets online and to buy them well in advance. This allows you to bypass the long queues to buy tickets at the attraction and helps save time.

Also, if you purchase your tickets online, you get to enjoy great deals and offers on your tickets and you will get them emailed to you instantly.

Paris Aquarium Highlights

Paris Aquarium

Shark Basin

The shark basin at the Aquarium is a sight to witness. Filled with over 3 million liters of water, it houses 50 sharks, from the seas around France.

Paris Aquarium tickets

Aquatic Cinema

A fun activity at the Paris Aquarium is at the Aquatic cinema where you get to watch the fascinating marine life through short films and documentaries.

Tropical Aquarium

Tropical Aquarium

This space with educational panels is home to marine life from the tropics such as colorful fish, tortoises, coral reefs, green vegetation, and more.

Paris Aquarium

Seine River Aquarium

A vast tank that displays a recreation of the Seine River, and is home to some of the aquatic life that can be found there, including crabs, fish, and more.

paris aquarium


This aquarium designed specifically for jellyfish is the largest in Europe, with 24 tanks and featuring more than 50 species of jellyfish.

paris aquarium

Mermaid Show

Head to the popular Claire la Sirene shows that feature Claire the Mermaid! It's an exciting show to watch and is sure to bring out the kid in all of us.

paris aquarium

Live Feeding Demos

The Paris Aquarium offers numerous interactive activities where you will be shown how to feed gold fish, carp, and all kids of other small fish.

paris aquarium

Koi Fish Touch Tank

Get an opportunity to learn allabout the koi fish, touch them to see how they feel, and to feed the koi fish and other goldfish.

Activities at the Paris Aquarium

The Paris Aquarium has an impressive number of activities to offer especially for children. The aquarium’s interactive displays will make it a magical day out for all the family.

  • The academic side of the Aquarium is displayed beautifully with fact sheets with moving videos placed between the tanks.
  • Kids can also get the chance to measure themselves against one fish or other on a fun-life size poster on the wall.
  • The Aquatic cinema has about 70-80 seats that run short related documentaries with great graphics and can be enjoyed at any age.
  • The Aquarium hosts interactive workshops, live performances (a cute pirate-themed one), and various educational lectures.
  • Meet the divers and witness feeding time for the fish and sharks in the tank.

Plan Your Visit to the Paris Aquarium

Opening Hours
Getting There
What are the Paris Aquarium opening hours?

The Paris Aquarium is open on all days of the week (Monday to Sunday), from 10 AM to 7 PM. Last entry is at 6 PM.

When is the Paris Aquarium closed?

The Paris Aquarium is closed only on July 14 each year. On other days, it closes at 6 PM.

paris aquarium tickets
What is the most convenient way to reach the Paris Aquarium?

You can reach the Paris Aquarium by bus, car, or metro. Click here for directions and more.

Can I get to the Paris Aquarium by public transportation?

Yes, you can get to the Paris Aquarium by using the metro. The nearest metro station to the Paris Aquarium is Trocadéro, just a 5 minute walk away.

Paris Aquarium
Where is the Paris Aquarium located?

The Paris Aquarium is located in the Trocadero Gardens, across the Seine River from the Eiffel Tower.

What is the Paris Aquarium Address?

The address of the Paris Aquarium is 5 Av. Albert de Mun, 75016 Paris, France.

Find it on a map.

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Here are some top attractions in Paris situated close to the Paris Aquarium:

Frequently Asked Questions About the Paris Aquarium

Q. Do I need to buy tickets to visit the Paris Aquarium?

A. Yes, you will have to buy tickets if you wish to enter the Paris Aquarium. However, children can avail certain discounts on their tickets.

Q. How much do the Paris Aquarium tickets cost?

A. Paris Aquarium ticket price starts from €17.50. However, children below the age of 3 can enjoy free entry, and children between 3-10 years can enjoy reduced ticket pricing.

Q. Can I purchase my Paris Aquarium tickets online?

A. Yes, you can purchase your Paris Aquarium tickets online. In fact, it is recommended that you do so in order to get the time slot of your choice.

Q. Should I book my Paris Aquarium tickets in advance?

A. It is recommended that you book your Paris Aquarium tickets in advance for a comfortable and safe experience.

Q. What is included in my Paris Aquarium tickets?

A. With your Paris Aquarium tickets, you get access to all areas of the Paris Aquarium and the activities offered during the day of your visit – cinema, shows in the pools and entertainment for children.

Q. Are there discounts available on Paris Aquarium tickets?

A. Children below the age of 3 can enjoy free entry into the aquarium. Similarly, children between 3 to 10 years and visitors with disabilities can avail certain discounts.

Q. Are Paris Aquarium tickets refundable?

A. Yes Paris Aquarium Tickets are refundable on canceling up to 24 hours before the schedule.

Q. What is the validity of my Paris Aquarium tickets?

A. The tickets purchased are valid for the day and time slot mentioned only.

Q. What are the opening hours of the Paris Aquarium?

A. The Paris Aquarium is open on all days of the week from 10 AM to 7 PM.

Q. Where is the Paris Aquarium located?

A. The Paris Aquarium is situated in the Trocadero Gardens, at 5 Avenues Albert den Mun, in the Trocadero Gardens.

Q. What are the things to see at the Paris Aquarium?

A. You can visit over 13,000 marine creatures housed in 50 tanks. These include 10,000 fish and invertebrates, and a 3-million-liter basin that houses 35 sharks. You can also experience a wonderful petting pond experience and live feeding demos.

Q. Does the Paris Aquarium offer dining options?

A. Yes, you can order snacks and meals and enjoy them in modern-style cafes while you continue to admire the aquatic life in the Paris Aquarium.