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The Lisbon Oceanarium, located in the Parque das Nações district of Lisbon, Portugal, is one of the largest indoor aquariums in Europe. Opened in 1998, it features a vast array of marine life, including over 15,000 animals from more than 450 species. The central tank, which is 5 million liters in size, is home to a diverse range of sea creatures, including sharks, rays, and tuna.

The oceanarium also includes four different habitats representing different ecosystems, such as the North Atlantic rocky coast, the Antarctic, and the Indian coral reef. The Lisbon Oceanarium is a popular tourist attraction and an important research and conservation center, committed to raising awareness about the importance of ocean conservation and sustainability.

Quick Guide to Lisbon Oceanarium

Quick Guide to Lisbon Oceanarium

Also Known As: Oceanário de Lisboa (Portuguese)

Location: Parque das Nações, Lisbon, Portugal

Established: 1998

Architect: Peter Chermayeff

Architectural Style: Contemporary

Number of Visitors Per Year: Over 1 million

What is Lisbon Oceanarium?

What is Lisbon Oceanarium?

Why Visit Lisbon Oceanarium?

Unique and impressive architecture: Lisbon Oceanarium features a distinctive design that mimics the shape of an aircraft carrier.

Diverse marine life: The aquarium boasts an impressive collection of marine creatures from around the world, living in highly realistic habitats that mimic their natural environment.

Educational experience: Visitors of all ages can learn about marine conservation and environmental issues through interactive exhibits and educational programs.

Family-friendly attraction: The aquarium offers a fun and engaging experience for families with kids, with special activities and workshops designed to entertain and educate about marine life.

Stunning views: Visitors can enjoy stunning views of the Tagus River and the Vasco da Gama Bridge from the outdoor terrace of the aquarium, making it a great spot for taking photos and relaxing.

Sustainable tourism: Lisbon Oceanarium is committed to sustainable tourism practices, such as reducing plastic waste and promoting eco-friendly behavior.

Plan Your Visit to Lisbon Oceanarium

Opening Hours

Address: Esplanada Dom Carlos I, s/nº, 1990-005 Lisbon, Portugal

Find On Maps

Lisbon Oceanarium is located in the Parque das Nações neighborhood, in the eastern part of Lisbon. It stands on the esplanade of Dom Carlos I, next to the Tagus River, near the Vasco da Gama Bridge and the Vasco da Gama Tower.

Lisbon Oceanarium - Opening Hours

Lisbon Oceanarium is a popular tourist destination and is open throughout the year. However, the opening hours may vary based on the season.

Winter (1 October - 31 March)

Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 6 PM

Summer (1 April - 30 September)

Monday to Sunday: 10 AM to 8 PM

It is important to note that the last admission to the Oceanarium is one hour before closing time.

History of Lisbon Oceanarium In A Nutshell

The Lisbon Oceanarium is an iconic landmark situated in the Parque das Nações, Portugal. It was built as a part of the Expo '98, a world exposition that celebrated the 500th anniversary of Vasco da Gama's voyage to India. The construction of the Oceanarium began in 1995, and it was inaugurated on May 22, 1998. The structure was designed by Peter Chermayeff and the construction was carried out by a consortium of Portuguese companies.

The Lisbon Oceanarium is the largest indoor aquarium in Europe, covering an area of over 8,000 square meters. The Oceanarium features four main marine habitats - North Atlantic rocky coast, Antarctic coastal line, Pacific kelp forest, and the Indian Ocean coral reef. These habitats house over 16,000 marine animals belonging to more than 450 different species.

The Oceanarium is also renowned for its educational and research programs. It has been actively involved in several marine conservation initiatives and has been a part of several research projects. Since its inauguration, the Lisbon Oceanarium has become one of the most popular tourist attractions in Portugal, attracting over one million visitors every year.

Who Built Lisbon Oceanarium?

The Lisbon Oceanarium was designed by American architect Peter Chermayeff and built by a consortium of Portuguese companies, including Somague, Straton, Hidurbe, and Europa Ar-Lindo. The construction of the Oceanarium began in 1995, and it was inaugurated on May 22, 1998.

Architecture & Design of Lisbon Oceanarium

Lisbon Oceanarium - Architecture & Design

The Lisbon Oceanarium is an architectural masterpiece that was designed to showcase the beauty and diversity of marine life. It is built in a modern style, with a focus on natural light and water. The main aquarium tank, which houses a variety of marine species, is surrounded by a large transparent cylinder, which gives visitors a 360-degree view of the aquatic life. The Oceanarium also features a distinctive wave-shaped roof, which is meant to evoke the feeling of being underwater. The design and architecture of the Lisbon Oceanarium have won numerous awards and recognition, and it is considered to be one of the most iconic structures in Portugal.

What To Do At Lisbon Oceanarium?

Lisbon Oceanarium - Main Tank

Explore the Main Tank

The Lisbon Oceanarium features a massive main tank that houses a diverse array of marine species. Visitors can walk through a tunnel to get up close and personal with sharks, rays, and other sea creatures.

Sea Otter - North Atlantic Rocky Coast at Lisbon Oceanarium

Visit the North Atlantic Rocky Coast

This exhibit showcases the rocky coastline of the North Atlantic and the various animals that live there. Visitors can watch puffins, sea otters, and other creatures in their natural habitat.

Penguins - Antarctic Coastal Line at Lisbon Oceanarium

Experience the Antarctic Coastal Line

Visitors can see penguins waddle and play in this exhibit, which recreates the chilly environment of the Antarctic. The exhibit also features leopard seals and other animals that call the Antarctic home.

Pacific Kelp Forest - Lisbon Oceanarium

Admire the Pacific Kelp Forest

This exhibit features the Pacific Kelp Forest, where visitors can see a wide variety of marine life, including sea urchins, octopuses, and wolf eels. The highlight of the exhibit is a massive tank filled with schools of colorful fish.

Ocean Coral Reef - Lisbon Oceanarium

Marvel at the Indian Ocean Coral Reef

This exhibit recreates the vibrant and colorful world of the Indian Ocean coral reef. Visitors can see anemones, clownfish, and other creatures that call the reef home. The exhibit also features a tank filled with jellyfish.

Lisbon Oceanarium - Educational Programs

Participate in Educational Programs

The Lisbon Oceanarium offers several educational programs for visitors of all ages, which includes interactive exhibits and educational talks by marine biologists. Visitors can learn about the importance of marine conservation and the various ways they can help protect our oceans.

Sustainability Efforts At Lisbon Oceanarium

The Lisbon Oceanarium is committed to sustainable practices, including reducing its carbon footprint, conserving water and reducing waste. The facility uses renewable energy sources, such as solar panels, to power its operations and has implemented water-saving measures throughout the facility. The Oceanarium also has a waste management program that includes recycling and composting, as well as reducing single-use plastics. Additionally, the Oceanarium supports marine conservation efforts through research, education, and partnerships with organizations that share its commitment to sustainability.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Lisbon Oceanarium

What is Lisbon Oceanarium?

Lisbon Oceanarium is a public aquarium located in Lisbon, Portugal. It is one of the largest indoor aquariums in Europe and is home to a diverse range of marine life from different ocean habitats.

Why is Lisbon Oceanarium famous?

Lisbon Oceanarium is famous for its impressive architecture and its extensive collection of marine life. It is also known for its commitment to sustainability and marine conservation efforts.

What can I do at Lisbon Oceanarium?

Visitors can explore the different habitats of the ocean and observe a variety of marine species. There are also educational exhibits and interactive activities available for visitors of all ages.

Who designed Lisbon Oceanarium?

Lisbon Oceanarium was designed by architect Peter Chermayeff in collaboration with the Portuguese architect Campos Costa.

When was Lisbon Oceanarium built?

Lisbon Oceanarium was built in 1998, as part of the Expo '98 world's fair held in Lisbon.

Where is Lisbon Oceanarium located?

Lisbon Oceanarium is located in Parque das Nações, a modern neighborhood in the eastern part of Lisbon, Portugal.

How can I get to Lisbon Oceanarium?

Visitors can reach Lisbon Oceanarium by public transportation, including bus, metro and train. There are also parking facilities available for those who choose to drive.

What are Lisbon Oceanarium timings?

Lisbon Oceanarium is open every day of the week from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, with the last admission at 7:00 PM.

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